Better Questions

Our questions about heaven show a lot about our attitude and the condition of our hearts. “Can I still get into heaven if…?” “What if a person lives a bad life and realizes on his deathbed that…?” “What if I’m generally a good person, but there’s one thing that God says is a sin and I …?” All of these questions and more boil down one main question. We are really asking:

“What is the least I can do and still enter heaven?”

A heart in the right condition, one that belongs to heaven, will ask different questions. “What more can I do for the kingdom of heaven?”  “What can I do to show my gratitude to Jesus for the gift of heaven?” “How do I express my love for God and his people?” “How do I convince more people to join me in heaven?”

Heaven is not a place we meet the bare minimum to qualify for entry. It is the place we belong.

About Mark Reed

Mark Reed is a speaker, teacher and author of several books like Rehearsing for Heaven and Redeeming the Thummim.
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