Hoarding Guilt

I thought I was missing something in my life, but as it turns out there’s something I need to let go of. I have the love I need. I have the mercy I need. I have the blessings I need. But I have too much in my hands. Something has to go so I can open up my arms to all the blessings God has prepared for me.

I need to let go of guilt. I’m gripping it so tightly and keeping such a huge portion of guilt folded in my arms against my chest that I don’t have room for the good stuff. I’ve got other stuff stacked around me, stuff I put in my own path, stuff that trips me up, crowds other things out of my space, occupies my time and energy. But mostly, I’m a guilt hoarder.

I hold on to it because I think I should. I’ve done wrong. Jesus forgives me. I get it. But I need to hang on to the guilt to keep me humble, so I never forget what he’s done for me, right? Wrong. I don’t need the guilt. I need gratitude.

So I’m laying down guilt that weighs me down and distracts me, and picking up thankfulness that lifts me up. I’m dropping the whip of self-inflicted punishment and seizing love for a Savior who rescued me and took my beating. I’m letting go of my efforts to be good enough and accepting heaven’s gift of righteousness.

May God help us empty our hands that we may receive heaven’s fullness.

About Mark Reed

Mark Reed is a speaker, teacher and author of several books like Rehearsing for Heaven and Redeeming the Thummim.
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