Changing History or Focusing on the Right Events

Every day we make history. Not only when something big is happening. Not only in the major decisions and events. But in every detail. Every day. Every moment. Of course, not all of history is remembered as well as select parts are noted and recited. Still, it’s history. My history that I make every second.

Some of that history I don’t want to remember. And I don’t want anyone recording it or reciting it. How will Heaven handle this dilemma of my history that is better off forgotten? Yes, Jesus has forgiven and forgotten my evil ways, so I won’t be judged for them. But all things will be revealed, so will everyone know about them? Will God post a video of my life? Will he edit the mistakes out of the video? Will he change history?

In heaven, my history won’t matter. What matters is Jesus’ history. Instead of changing my past, God deals with it through Jesus’ death and resurrection. He gives me Christ’s righteousness, not my own. I don’t enter Heaven because of an edited record of my life that shows only the good. I enter Heaven because of Jesus’ unedited life and sacrifice. What I have done in the past no longer matters. All that matters is what Jesus has done.

There is no greater event to know and remember than the first coming of Christ to our world. The rest is just history.

About Mark Reed

Mark Reed is a speaker, teacher and author of several books like Rehearsing for Heaven and Redeeming the Thummim.
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