Have you heard this proverb?  “Men see only the present; heaven sees the future.”  We see our world; heaven sees all universes and dimensions.  We see and hear peoples’ actions and words; heaven sees their hearts.  We see uncertainty.  Heaven sees trust in the trustworthy One. We see our side of an argument. Heaven sees all the facts and judges justly. We see the people we don’t like, the people who hurt us.   Heaven sees that person in everything they do. Heaven sees everything. 

I had a classmate in college that no one liked. He was obnoxious and took pleasure in hurting people. We tried not to hate him but we did because he caused so much hatred around him.  One weekend I saw him with his parents. His father was sick and hardly spoke. His mother pretended to be friendly to us, but when alone with Rich, she belittled him and picked on him. When we understood why Rich was so angry, it helped us to show him kindness that he had never experienced.

What if you could see everything from heaven’s point of view? How would it change the way you perceive your situation and other people? 

For more on this topic, see my chapter on Heaven’s perspective in Rehearsing for Heaven.

About Mark Reed

Mark Reed is a speaker, teacher and author of several books like Rehearsing for Heaven and Redeeming the Thummim.
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  1. Marilza says:

    That’s really thnkiing of the highest order

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