Long ago in Quality Management I learned to reframe problems and defects as opportunities.  Today when we have a problem in our company—be it a process or a person—we call it an OFI:  Opportunity for Improvement.  Although no company likes problems, many companies like ours have created a culture that welcomes opportunity to improve processes and employee performance.

Problems, tragedies, disasters, poor decisions—all can become opportunities.  Once we have processed some of the grief from whatever knocks us down, we need to search for the opportunity it presents.

OFT = Opportunity for Trust

OFG = Opportunity for Grace (or Opportunity for God to work)

OFL = Opportunity for Love

OFP – Opportunity for Patience

OFF – Opportunity for Faith/Faithfulness

Every negative situation presents an opportunity to learn, to achieve, to change, or even to receive.  Some are simply Opportunities for Heaven to demonstrate the love and wonder of God.

About Mark Reed

Mark Reed is a speaker, teacher and author of several books like Rehearsing for Heaven and Redeeming the Thummim.
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